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Gourmet Mobile Food Cart
The Gourmet Food Trailer is California compliant and features modular construction.

sidebar steamerThe Gourmet Steamer Trailer offers modular construction so you can choose the components and layout to best meet your needs

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Airtronics Metal Products launches subsidiary to build food carts, trailers



August 23, 2011 Airtronics Metal Products, San Jose, Calif., a sheet metal design, engineering, and fabrication firm, has launched Metal Gourmet™, a subsidiary devoted to the design, assembly, and distribution of high-end mobile food carts and trailers.

"What distinguishes Metal Gourmet from other food cart manufacturers is its modular design approach," said Jeff Burke, president and CEO of Airtronics and owner of Metal Gourmet. "The fully modular construction allows users to select the equipment and layout to best fit their food preparation needs."

Operating from a facility adjacent to Airtronics' 100,000-sq.-ft. San Jose plant, Metal Gourmet designs and assembles carts and trailers using NSF-approved components sourced from various manufacturers, primarily Airtronics. Airtronics is a licensed trailer manufacturer, and supplies Metal Gourmet with trailer frames custom-made for its carts. Airtronics also manufactures sinks, grills, griddles, and other mobile food components to Metal Gourmet's specifications.