Mobile Food Carts
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Gourmet Mobile Food Cart
The Gourmet Food Trailer is California compliant and features modular construction.

sidebar steamerThe Gourmet Steamer Trailer offers modular construction so you can choose the components and layout to best meet your needs

sidebar cateringThe Gourmet Catering Cart is built to meet the needs of catering and food service professionals

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The recipe for success in mobile food depends on having the right cart or trailer that matches your needs—whether you are an enterprising caterer, a restaurant owner who wants to expand, a new chef who wants to go mobile, or a foodie entrepreneur with a killer recipe. Metal Gourmet makes high-end gourmet food carts and trailers to fit many needs.


Everything on-board and ready to roll!

Caterers need to be prepared to provide their clients with quick and complete meal solutions in a concentrated period of time. A mobile food cart or trailer that's equipped to efficiently cook, hold and serve meals all from one platform while on the go represents a huge benefit to the professional caterer. Check out our Gourmet Catering Cart

Restaurant Owner

Take your show on the road!

You've got a successful restaurant, but you're customers are mostly local and have to find you. Why not take your show on the road to serve your great cuisine outside of your current geographic sphere of influence? Or test a neighborhood where you're considering opening up a new restaurant? A mobile food cart or trailer from Metal Gourmet may be just the solution for a very reasonable cost of entry. Check out our Gourmet Food Cart

New Chefs

Start your career on wheels!

You've just completed an extensive restaurant education, but it's tough to get started. Why not launch your career with a mobile food cart or trailer from Metal Gourmet. For much less than the cost of a food truck, you could be generating income and showing the world what you've got to offer. Building a business using a Metal Gourmet food cart or trailer could jump start your career, or be a stepping stone to greater recognition by restaurants.

AliciaSteamercartMobile Food Entrepreneur

Take the family recipe and run with it!

Every time that you've prepared your family recipe for friends and family, they've raved about your food and said you should sell it to the public. Now you have the chance to do this easily and at far below the cost and liability of a large food truck. Metal Gourmet lets you select and configure the equipment you need on an ergonomically designed and fully configured cart or trailer. It's time to turn your dream into a reality! Check out our Gourmet Steamer Cart

Organizations & Fundraisers

Serve food to help achieve your financial goals

High schools, colleges, universities and other educational institutions, as well as athletic organizations can serve delicious food from a Metal Gourmet mobile food cart or trailer, and generate revenue to meet an organization's need. Whether you're a food service professional or a non-profit organization seeking to fund your organization's programs or charitable works, go to where your customers are with a mobile food cart or trailer rather than restricting yourself to a permanent building.