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Gourmet Mobile Food Cart
The Gourmet Food Trailer is California compliant and features modular construction.

sidebar steamerThe Gourmet Steamer Trailer offers modular construction so you can choose the components and layout to best meet your needs

sidebar cateringThe Gourmet Catering Cart is built to meet the needs of catering and food service professionals

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The mobile food industry is on a roll!

Americans are projected to spend more than $630 million on food in 2011 from mobile vendors, both traditional and gourmet, according to the National Restaurant Association (NRA). That's nearly four percent greater than 2010, while most other sectors of the restaurant business have been in decline. Some believe that growth in the mobile gourmet segment alone will more than double. The NRA rates mobile food as the hottest operational trend for 2011.

Food-Trucks-ChartSource: National Restaurant AssociationProfessionally trained chefs and entrepreneurs with a family recipe and the passion to share it are offering up gourmet dishes using dedicated mobile food carts and trailers to reach consumers. The result is clearly seen in the lines of "foodies" waiting for the mouthwatering fare offered by these enterprising businesses.

Enterprising owners of restaurants see mobile food service as a cost-effective way to take their cuisine to new neighborhoods and to customers beyond their current geographic base, both to test new areas and win new customers. Almost half of all consumers by the NRA survey in 2010 said they would patronize a mobile food operation of an established restaurant. Perhaps you already have a restaurant and want to expand your reach?

No particular cuisine is driving demand, but ethnic offerings and fusion cuisine, such as Korean BBQ tacos, are increasingly popular as mobile food items. Metal Gourmet offers cooking equipment, such as grills, griddles and steamers, to allow chefs to customize their mobile food cart or trailer for a broad array of unique cuisine. Whether cooking Thai satay on the grill, cheese steak on the griddle or Vietnamese spring rolls in a steamer, Metal Gourmet makes matching the right equipment to the focused cuisines of the vendor/operator an easy decision.